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Lyle Stacpoole (BA - music / communication studies) Songwriter and Author

Original Music

The change from painter and carpenter has been too long coming, but now Lyle Stacpoole is able to present some of his work from all the years quietly working away at his real craft, writing.

What we now have online is an assortment of RECORDED ORIGINAL SONGS and MUSIC TUTORIALS, AVAILABLE TO BUY NOW with samples of these on the site.

• Listen to the featured song:- Shadow On My Door - recorded by Rimshot [SAME PLACE TWICE - 1992] and re-mixed for the COMING BACK AGAIN album.


The last few years [like - thirteen - OUCH!] have been spent at Uni doing a BA in Music and Communication Studies and since 2007 developing clients' websites and building a steadily growing part-time business. 2017 will see a return to more music [as promised to myself in 2007] and now the time has come!

Music Tutorials

"Music - An Easy Language" helps us to understand that the more we learn about music, the better we play it. Lyle's strong knowledge and understanding of music theory, coming from a mostly self-taught background with a uni degree to help, is presented in a manner which helps both the new music student and existing musician to understand the science or 'language' of music.

The "Music - An Easy Language" series of tutorials is based on the simple principle of growing from the basics of music and learning what is needed for YOUR individual needs. Not everyone wants to be a professional musician, but that should NOT stop them from learning to read music and play better! Alas, in general, up until now most amateur musicians, and even many professionals, have not been able to actually read 'dots' as they are colloquially called in the industry.


The work continues, and in 2007 Lyle finished studying Communications Studies and Music for his Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of New England in Armidale New South Wales.

His many years experience in Sales, Marketing and Promotions are now partly being directed to the Internet with current projects in WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT AND INTERNET MARKETING.

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