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Talk The Language Of Music With The Electric Bass; Volume One

The first of two volumes on the Electric Bass, this book will help the beginner and those who play 'by ear' to understand the theory of music as it applies to the Electric Bass and what to play as a Bassist.

You will learn to play by understanding Chords and reading Chord Charts as well as reading music itself, but also to adapt what is written to how YOU want, or are able, to play.

The incomplete first edition can be obtained by request in digital format. Simply EMAIL US TO REQUEST COPY

Chapter Contents

1.    The Notes in Music and what they represent

2.    The Notes on the Basic Keyboard

3.    The Notes on the Bass

4.    Picking Up the Bass; Holding and Fingering

5.    Reading Chords Charts and other Things

6.    The Scale, Foundation of the Chord, and the Bass

7.    The I - V Formula

8.    The Timing in Music

9.    The 12 Bar Blues

10.    Basic Bass Patterns

11.    Minor Chords and the Bass

12.    Summary; What to Expect in Volume II


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