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Coming Back Again - the best of - the unfinished sessions LP

Coming Back Again the best of LP A selection of tracks from all the studio sessions from 1980 to 2003.

The album also includes tracks from studio sessions in 2001 and 2003 for a project to produce the songs used in the series of Music Language tutorials in which Lyle's songs are used as examples and exercises.

During that time it was envisioned that they would develop into the albums Episode and Back In My Own Backyard. However a lack of funds has held up all these projects to date, and so there is this situation where a lot of recording had been done without a finished project.

As I seem to keep coming back to my music on a regular basis to try something the title track Coming Back Again seemed appropriate.

In the true tradition of some pretty weird "Best Of ... " Albums it has been decided to call this a 'Best Of ... " album, even though there has ever only been one single released which was not a top 1000 hit. Hmm!! So 'the best of - the unfinished sessions' is put together!

This album is NOW AVAILABLE ON CD * [AUD$20 inc postage within Australia]

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Album Track List   [click on title to listen to track]

D'Aguilar Highway (5:32) [1980]

Like You Do (3:29) [2003]

They Don't Play No Rock And Roll (5:03) [1992]

Too Far Away (3:25) [2003]   - LISTEN TO FULL SONG ON FEATURED SONGS

Shadow On My Door (4:18) [1992 - 2003]   - LISTEN TO FULL SONG ON FEATURED SONGS

Coming Back Again (5:24) [1992 - 2003]

All Through The Evening (5:31) [2003]

Lest It Be Freedom (3:49) [2003]

A Little Bit Of Lazy Sunshine (2:51) [1982]

Holding Back The Night (4:05) [2003]   - LISTEN TO FULL SONG ON FEATURED SONGS

Being In Love (3:23) [1980]

Southern (Kosciuszko) Rain (4:55) [2003]

Come Again (5:04) [1980]   - LISTEN TO FULL SONG ON FEATURED SONGS

Know She's Here (3:28) [1992 - 2003]

Backstairs Leaving The City (5:55) [1992]   - LISTEN TO FULL SONG ON FEATURED SONGS

Times Have Changed It All (3:25) [1992]

Slip Away (5:25) [2003]

Short Song (2:21) [2003]

Credit List

Lyle Stacpoole:- 6 & 12 string acoustic and electric Guitars, Bass, Lead and Backing Vocals, Keyboards, Drums, Percussion

Andy Tainsch: Bass [1980] : Drums, Keyboards, Bass [1992]

Mungo Coats: Guitars [1980 / 1992]

Bob Welsh: Keyboards [1980]

Ricky Lloyd: Drums [1980]

Rod Webb: Lead Vocals [A Little Bit of Lazy Sunshine - 1982]

Margaret Webb: Keyboards [1982]

Peter Higgins: Guitars [1982]

Ian Carpenter: Drums [1982]

Peter StLeger: Sax [1982]

Paul Denman: Lead Vocals [Times Have Changed It All], Backing Vocals, Guitars [1992]

Noel Bernardi: Lead Vocals [They Don't Play No Rock and Roll / Backstairs Leaving The City], Backing Vocals, Bass, Guitars, Percussion [1992]

Masina Miller: Vocals [Shadow On My Door] Backing Vocals [Know She's Here]

Geo Heathcote: Sax, Harmonica [1992]

Warren Brewer: Trumpet [1992]

Adrian Ross: Didgeridoo [1992]

Hayden Stacpoole:- Bass [Holding Back The Night]

All songs written and arranged by Lyle Stacpoole

Additional arrangements by Hayden Stacpoole, Andy Tainsch, Peter Higgins, Peter StLeger, Geo Heathcote, Warren Brewer, Mungo Coats, Margaret Web

Produced by Lyle Stacpoole, Mungo Coats [1980] Phil Wakeling [1982] Andy Taincsh [1992]

Recorded at Forest Glen Studios Sunshine Coast [1980 / 1992] Studios Brisbane [1982] Foxhole Studios Albion [2001 / 2003]

Engineered by Lyle Stacpoole, Mungo Coats [1980] Andy Taincsh [1992] Mick Raynor [2001 / 2003]

The story behind the song:-
Coming Back Again

One of the oldest songs on my 'list', this song goes way back to 1976 and a job working in the lead smelters of Port Pirie, South Australia. My mate Karl was telling me about the 'things' he reckoned he could 'see' in the flames of the furnace which prompted the line - "I see soft figures in the flames", and no, we were NOT on drugs, but it grew from there. It was written as a soft ballad for a girl I was keen to see again. However one winters night about 5 years later some friends and I were stranded in the very cold town of Putty on the Colo Heights, north-west of Sydney, at about 1 am in the morning because of a car breakdown. The guitar was brought out to try and liven up the cold, dead night and this song was treated with a bit of a frosty 'attitude'. Another verse was added, impromptu, about my recent stay in the city, and it has been played like that ever since. - LAS

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