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Original Songs

Album and EP cds

Pioneer [1980 EP]


These are the instrumental versions mastered at the time of recording in December 1980 at Forest Glen Studios on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland. 6 songs were recorded with the help of the jazz influenced rhythm section of Andy Tainsch on Bass, Bob Welsh on keyboards, Ricky Lloyd on drums and Mungo Coats on guitar.

This album is NOW AVAILABLE ON CD * [AUD$15 inc postage within Australia]

Pioneer Jazz Instrumental EP CD
Same Place Twice - RIMSHOT [1992 LP]


Recorded in 1992 with the duo Rimshot featuring the late Noel Bernardi and Paul Denman this album now comes on CD with some additional tracks.

It also features MASINA MILLER on lead and back-up vocals as well as Geo Heathcote on sax and harmonica, Adrian Ross on didgeridoo and Warren Brewer on trumpet.

This album is NOW AVAILABLE ON CD * [AUD$20 inc postage within Australia]

Same Place Twice LP CD
Sole Trader - acoustic album [2001 LP]


15 songs giving an anthology of songs written over the last 30 years. Presented simply with vocals and single acoustic guitar, either 6 and 12 string.

This album is NOW AVAILABLE ON CD * [AUD$20 inc postage within Australia]

Sole Trader Unplugged Acoustic LP CD
Town on a Western Plain [2003 EP]


This EP highlights the country rock influence of the music with 8 tracks including acoustic and group versions of the feature song TOO FAR AWAY.

This EP is NOW AVAILABLE ON CD * [AUD$20 inc postage within Australia]

Town On A Western Plain EP CD
Coming Back Again - the best of - the unfinished sessions [2003 LP]


This compilation album is the result of many hours in the studio in 2001 and 2003 for a project to produce the songs used in the series of Music Language tutorials in which Lyle's songs are used as examples and exercises.

During that time it was envisioned that they would develop into the albums Episode and Back In My Own Backyard, however a lack of funds has held up all these projects to date, and so there is this situation where a lot of recording had been done without a finished project.

"As I seem to keep coming back to my music on a regular basis to try something the title track Coming Back Again seemed appropriate."

In the true tradition of some pretty weird "Best Of .." Albums it has been decided to call this a 'Best Of " album, even though there has ever only been one single released which was not a top 1000 hit. Hmm!! So 'the best of - the unfinished sessions' is put together!

The bonus tracks are two instrumental versions of tracks from the Instrumental album "Pioneer".

This album is NOW AVAILABLE ON CD * [AUD$20 inc postage within Australia]

Coming Back Again Best of LP CD

* Music CDs are currently produced in-house: as such all sales have a 6 day money back option

New Projects 2017



Recording started for the album in 2003 however due to unforeseen circumstances the project was put on permanent hold. Glad now to be back into it and hope to go into a Perth studio in 2017 to finish it off along with a new album All My History.

Episode LP CD
All My History


Having started to seriously write new songs circa 2013 after arriving in Mount Barker WA and feeling a little more settled again, the album is slowly taking shape, with the addition of a couple of previously recorded tracks started in the 2003 sessions and featuring a long-unfinished song from 1975. Yes, I am a horder when it comes to my songs, you never know when inspiration will resurrect something.

All My History LP CD

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