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Original SongsOriginal Songs

Lyle Stacpoole has been writing original songs since the age of ten.

But his ability to write was not fully realised until at the age of 17 he was first introduced to music theory, and the music behind the songs started to be revealed.

Lyle entered the studio for the first time in 1981 to record a demo of 6 songs. Although there was some interest in the songs from the music industry, and one song almost got on a Brisbane radio stations collection of local original artists, nothing transpired from the venture except valuable experience, and some instrumental tracks that are still worth listening to. (have a listen to the EP "Pioneer" on the ORIGINAL MUSIC PAGE.)

With the progress made in technology and a few trips to the recording studio since, Lyle continues to record and produce a number of albums and cds for release.

You can listen to some of the recordings NOW AVAILABLE on the ORIGINAL MUSIC PAGE.

Lyle has now completed his Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of New England at Armidale, New South Wales, majoring in Music and in Communications Studies.


Music Tutorials

Have you ever looked at a piece of music, perhaps that of a favourite song, and thought, "I wish I could play this!"?

Since learning how simple Music Theory really was, Lyle decided to write a book explaining Music just as he had been taught, and the result is now a series of books in the process of compilation.

• Music, An Easy Language To Learn

• Talk The Language of Music With The Guitar ( Volumes 1 to 3 )

• Talk The Language of Music With The Keyboards ( Volumes 1 & 2 )

• Talk The Language of Music With The Bass ( Volumes 1 to 3 )


The Internet Market

Lyle has been developing his Information Technology (IT) skills for over twenty years and Web Design since 1996. Communications Studies is now one of the two Majors he completed for his Bachelor of Arts Degree.


Lyle has many years experience in business management, sales and training, computer programs and databases, website development, and experience in the recording studio. Lyle is therefore qualified to help new businesses and musicians to set up their own business, including helping them to be online with their own Website at a very low cost (minimum $450). He can help them put in place a business plan, including marketing material, book-keeping procedures and recording strategy.

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