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Talk The Language Of Music With The Guitar; Volume Two

Music Structure and Reading

Language Of Music With The Guitar Volume TwoLearn more about the structure of music and how to use this theory when playing. You can also learn to 'read', IF you want to.

Learn more chords to play, how to create them and techniques for playing 'lead' guitar.

The incomplete first edition can be obtained by request in digital format. Simply EMAIL US TO REQUEST COPY


Chapter Contents

1. The Notes written on the Musical Staff

2. The Major Scale

3. An Introduction to Intervals

4. The Major Scale on the Guitar; Major Scale Shape No. 1

5. Basic Chords and Intervals; part two

6. The 'Key Signature'; How does it help a Guitarist

7. The Timing of the Notes

8. The Timing of the Rests

9. The Time Signature and Rhythm

10. The Minor Scale; Minor Scale Shapes

11. The Formation of the Musical Staff

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