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All My History - (2016 - 2019)

Having started to seriously write new songs circa 2013 after arriving in Mount Barker WA and feeling a little more settled again, the album is slowly taking shape, with the addition of a couple of previously recorded tracks started in the 2003 sessions and featuring a long-unfinished song from 1975. Yes, I am a horder when it comes to my songs, you never know when inspiration will resurrect something.

Album Track List   [click on title to listen to available tracks]

Like A Lady (5:10)

All My History (1:20)

Gina (4:20)

All Through The Evening * (5:31)

Back In My Own Backyard * (4:28)

Southern Rain (4:25)

Cold Water At Dawn ()

Cold Comfort (4:03)

Owe It All To Love ()

Cemetery Of History()

It's A Trade-Off ()

Hoping There's Someone To Meet Me (4:19)

All My History (3:50)

Credit List

Lyle Stacpoole:- Guitars and Vocals, bass, drums, keyboards

All songs written and arranged by Lyle Stacpoole

Produced by Lyle Stacpoole

Engineer: Lyle Stacpoole, Mick Raynor *

Recorded at Foxhole Studios Brisbane * and Stacpoole Music home studio

The story behind the song

Like A Lady

"I love British humour and a friend put me onto a beauty a couple of years ago; a series from early 1990's with Dennis Waterman called On The Up. The second last episode of the 3 series featured a scene where Sam playing the chauffeur offers a ride home to a lady visiting the house who at first rejects the offer with "I can take a train". Sam replies with a classic line "Oh no, you go home like a lady". Straight away I recognised the title for a new song and it was the first serious attempt of writing in nearly 10 years. I am hoping to produce a video for this one featuring the scene from On The Up."


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