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Lyle Stacpoole and Licence

Licence Over The Years

Who Are Licence

Licence is an aptly named identity of whoever works with Lyle Stacpoole as a group. A little like 'poetics licence' the name takes the liberty of meaning whatever it needs to mean at any given time! The name was actually suggested to me by my young sis.

So here is a little history of Licence

1979 - 1981

Lyle went into a studio in late 1980 for the first time to record six songs. The line-up of musicians included the following:-

Lyle Stacpoole: vocals and guitars

Mungo Coats: guitars

Bob Welsh: Keyboards

Ricky Lloyd: drums

Andy Tainsch: Bass

Recorded at Forest Glen Sound Studios

The first musicians to play the music of Lyle Stacpoole in public were Rod and Margaret Webb from the Sunshine Coast who performed as Chelsea Two.

Around the same time Peter Higgins (guitar) and Ian Carpenter (drums) worked with Lyle on developing his songs and were on hand when Lyle went into the studio in 1981 to record the single A Little Bit Of Lazy Sunshine and 3 other songs (including the B Side Desiree) with Rod and Margaret as Chelsea Two and Licence.

A Little Bit Of Lazy SunshineThe line-up for the A Little Bit Of Lazy Sunshine sessions were:-

Rod Webb: Lead Vocals and guitar

Margaret Webb: Backing Vocals and Keyboards

Lyle Stacpoole: bass and Backing Vocals

Peter Higgins: guitars

Ian Carpenter: drums

Photo: Peter Higgins, Ian Carpenter, Lyle Stacpoole



After a serious chat with Ross Williams (ex CBS) and with some persuasion from Paul Denman, Lyle went into the studio in 1992 to record some songs with Paul and Noel Bernardi as Rimshot - the name Paul and Noel worked under.

Rimshot Same Place TwiceThe line-up of musicians for the Same Place Twice Album included the following:-

Lyle Stacpoole: lead vocals, 6 & 12 string acoustic guitars, electric guitar, bass, percussion, keyboards

Paul Denman: vocals, guitars, backing vocals

Noel Bernardi: vocals, guitars, bass, backing vocals, percussion

Photo: Noel Bernardi, Paul Denman, Lyle Stacpoole

Masina Miller: vocals (shadow on my door) backing vocals

Andy Tainsch: keyboards, bass, drums, percussion

Warren Brewer: trumpet

Geo Heathcote: tenor and soprano sax, harmonica

Adrian Ross: didgeridoo (backstairs leaving the city)

Mungo Coats: lead guitar (come again)

Arrangements: Lyle Stacpoole, Andy Tainsch, Paul Denman and Peter Higgins

Brass and Sax Arrangements: Lyle Stacpoole, Geo Heathcote, Warren Brewer and Peter St Leger


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