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Same Place Twice - RIMSHOT (1992)

Denman, Bernardi and Stacpoole

Pioneer Jazz Instrumental EP CDAfter a serious chat with Ross Williams (ex CBS) and with some persuasion from Paul Denman Lyle went into the studio in 1992 to record some songs with Paul and Noel Bernardi as Rimshot - the name Paul and Noel worked as.

It was initially released on cassette in 1992 but has now been re-released on Replicated * CD in September 2020.

Re-released September 2020; NOW AVAILABLE

This album is AVAILABLE TO ORDER ON CD * [AUD$24.50 inc postage within Australia]

ORDER NOW - AUD$24.50 inc postage


I have been enjoying your music. Your lyrics are moving and the honest heart and feelings conveyed in your songs are touching. The album has amazing harmonies and I love the sounds of Saxophone and Didgeridoo.

- Anyes I. Twilight Dreams Dance Academy Albay WA

Album Track List   [click on title to listen to track samples]

Out Among The Faces (3:14)

Desiree (3:47)

They Don't Play No Rock And Roll (5:03)

I Don't Know (3:13)   FEATURED SONG

Know She's Here (3:27)

Coming Back Again (5:24)

Same Place Twice (3:35) - PURCHASE AND DOWNLOAD THIS TRACK NOW: $1.85

Times Have Changed It All (3:25) - PURCHASE AND DOWNLOAD THIS TRACK NOW: $1.85

Backstairs Leaving The City (5:55)   FEATURED SONG

Shadow On My Door (3:58)   FEATURED SONG

Just A Tune (4:18)

Come Again (5:04)

Credit List

Lyle Stacpoole:- Guitars and Vocals (Out Among the Faces / I Don't Know / Come Again)

Paul Denman:- Guitars, Vocals (Times Have Changed It All / Just A Tune), Backing Vocals

Noel Bernardi:- Guitars, Vocals (Desiree / ... no Rock and Roll / Know She's Here / Coming Back Again / Same Place Twice / Backstairs ... / Shadow ... ) Backing Vocals, Percussion

Masina Miller:- Vocals (Shadow On My Door), Backing Vocals

Andy Taincsh:- Drums, Bass, Keyboards, Percussion

Geo Heathcote:- Tenor Sax, Soprano Sax, Harmonica

Warren Brewer:- Trumpet

Mungo Coats:- Electric Guitar (Come Again)

Adrian Ross:- Didgeridoo (Backstairs Leaving The City)

All songs written and arranged by Lyle Stacpoole

Additional arrangements by Andy Tainsch, Paul Denman, Peter Higgins and Mungo Coats

Brass arrangements by Lyle Stacpoole, Geo Heathcote, Warren Brewer and Peter St.Leger

Produced by Lyle Stacpoole and Andy Tainsch

Engineer: Mungo Coats, Lyle Stacpoole, Andy Tainsch

All songs written and arranged by Lyle Stacpoole

Additional arrangements by Andy Tainsch and Mungo Coats

Recorded at Forest Glen Studios Sunshine Coast

Special thanks to Ross Williams and Paul Denman for getting this project started. Thanks also to Rod and Margaret Webb, Ian Carpenter and Peter Higgins for their support and contributions.

The story behind the song

Same Place Twice

My sister and I were talking about where we were planning to move to. Well I had changed my plans all of a sudden and had decided to go to Queensland, rather than Perth. She still wanted to go to Perth, and eventually did, but in the meantime we were talking possibilities, and I said, "why don't you go back to Mildura?". After all it was a beautiful place and she had friends there, but she said "you can't go back to the same place twice".

I instantly knew that I had the title for a song right there, but it took another twelve years before I did eventually write it.


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