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Sole Trader - acoustic unplugged album (2001)

Sole Trader acoustic unplugged album CD- an 'acoustic' anthology from the songwriter and his guitar

This album highlights the variety of songs from soft ballads to rock that have come from the pen of Lyle over the last 30 years.

However the songwriter has always remained in the background of the 'sole trader', the tradesman working for the daily bread.

But the opportunities to record and promote original music have increased in very recent years, and it is good to be able to present a selection of these songs here in acoustic 'solo performance' style.

It was initially released 'in house' in 2001 but has now been re-released on Replicated * CD in September 2020.

Re-released September 2020; NOW AVAILABLE

This album is AVAILABLE TO ORDER ON CD * [AUD$24.50 inc postage within Australia]

ORDER NOW - AUD$24.50 inc postage

Album Track List   [click on title to listen to track samples]

Destination Unknown (3:46)

All Thru The Evening (5:17)

Southern Rain (4:25)

Tell's A Story (3:35)

Storm In My Pocket (4:59)

Know She's Here (3:06)

Coming Back Again (4:36)

Lest It Be Freedom (3:46)

Amy (5:01)   FEATURED SONG

Too Far Away (3:18)

Dakabin Station (3:52)

Owe It All To Love (3:06)

Slip Away (4:55)

Short Song (2:18)

Credit List

Lyle Stacpoole:- 6 and 12 string Acoustic Guitars and Vocals

Produced by Lyle Stacpoole and Michael Raynor

Engineer: Michael Raynor, Lyle Stacpoole

All songs written and arranged by Lyle Stacpoole

Recorded at Foxhole Studios Albion


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