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Town On A Western Plain; LP (2020)

town on a western plainThis LP is a compilation album containing a selection of lighter ballads.

A release of this LP on Replicated CD * is planned for 2021.

This album is AVAILABLE TO ORDER NOW ON DUPLICATED CD * [AUD$12.50 inc postage within Australia]

ORDER NOW - AUD$12.50 inc postage

Expected delivery 2 weeks from Order

* Duplicated Music CDs are currently produced in-house.

Album Track List   [click on title to listen to track samples]

Too Far Away (acoustic version) (3:25)

Amy (4:23)

I Don't Know (3:13)   FEATURED SONG

Times Have Changed It All (3:26) *

Shadow On My Door - Lyle Stacpoole and Licence - Forest Glen 1992 remixed Foxhole Albion 2003 - vocals Lyle Stacpoole/Masina Miller (4:13)

Just A Tune (4:59) *

Lest It Be Freedom (3:48)

Know She's Here (3:27) *

Tells Me A Story (3:32)

Out Among The Faces (3:14)

Desiree (3:47)

Southern Rain - acoustic version (4:22)

Short Song (2:18)

Too Far Away (group version) (3:27)

Credit List

Lyle Stacpoole:- 6 & 12 string acoustic and electric Guitars

Paul Denman:- Vocals and Lead Guitars *

Andy Tainsch:- Bass *

Produced by Lyle Stacpoole and Andy Tainsch *

Engineer: Michael Raynor, Lyle Stacpoole, Andy Tainsch *, Mungo Coats *

All songs written and arranged by Lyle Stacpoole

Additional arrangements * by Andy Tainsch and Mungo Coats

Recorded at Foxhole Studios Albion and Forest Glen Studios Sunshine Coast *

The story behind the song:-
Too Far Away

This song like many was written in an airplane, this time travelling from Brisbane to Adelaide. The flight path often goes right over my old stamping ground of the Sunraysia district on the Murray River in northern Victoria, Australia. But this day was very cloudy and as we headed south-west I was unable to see anything below that indicated where we might be. Briefly through a break in the clouds I saw a small town but could not identify it as somewhere I knew. My chances of finding the Murray River and my hometown of Robinvale were dissappearing fast as it got darker and hence the song just started playing in my head. Of course there was always a pen and paper handy when flying for just such a circumstance and it didn't take long to finish a substantial portion of the song I finished up with.

The cover is a photo of the farm I grew up on. I have no regrets of leaving, but I love to go back now and again. LAS



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