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Words of Thought in Prose

Not all words get to be used in a song and encased in music. Here are a few thoughts expressed in prose!


[22 october 2009]

i anticipate
awake in light
i see
the day it passes
with the noises it makes
but the world that's outside
let's me be
its daylight
and the evening can't come soon enough

the birds

[29 august 2009]

the noise of the birds
the songs of the birds
the chirping of the birds
waking me up
the birds
don't they know I have my own schedule
I will get up when I want
but the winter has gone
and the sun appears earlier
than before and
the birds
break the silence
of the night
the squawking of the crows
the songs of the magpie
the serenade
of the birds
waking me up
the birds

for today

[29 august 2009]

for today
this morning
it started
an hour or so ago
I didn't notice when
for today
my life
it started
a decade or two ago
I wasn't aware then
but soon it came
the tears
the laughter
the realising that I had
an idea in my head
I didn't notice
I could do it
for today
I made a start
I made a start when it
turned the hands
when it turned the hands i
only knew
when it had turned too far
but this day I realise
that it hasn't turned too far for me
to do what I thought
so many years
ago I could
I would
and so today
for today
I will do it
if only for today

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